8 Reasons why Local Small Business Needs Facebook Marketing
July 7, 2020

8 Reasons Why Your Local Small Business Needs Facebook

Facebook Marketing

Nowadays, not using social media in your marketing is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Considering the fact that Facebook is the giant among them, having a company page in this network is a must for everyone. Local small businesses, in particular, can benefit from this greatly for the following reasons:

#1 It opens the route for customer interaction

Social networks are so popular because they allow people to communicate and express their opinion easily. For many, their Facebook page is a reflection of their lives. Therefore, you can learn a great deal about your customers just by studying their profiles.

Your page also offers everyone a chance to reach you, so you can interact with your clients directly and learn from them how to improve your business.

#2 It gives your business a personality

A Facebook account brings you closer to your customers. It makes you seem more approachable, which instantly creates a positive attitude towards your company. Chats and comments allow you to get involved in the life of your community, building up a reputation and accumulating a base of loyal customers who like to see that you care.

#3 It helps with SEO

All posts and links on your Facebook page are indexed by search engines. Therefore, they contribute to improving your ranking. It’s imperative to keep top-quality content flowing through your page all the time so that it continuously works on increasing the public awareness of your small business.

#4 It gives you a competitive edge

Check out your main competitors. Do they have Facebook pages? If not, establishing your own gives you an instant advantage that you must use in order to climb to the top of your niche.

In case they do, not having a page means that you are already lagging behind. Luckily, you can use this to get one over them by studying their page and making one that’s better. Analyze your competition and find their weaknesses, then build your Facebook marketing strategy to turn their weaknesses into your strength.

Today’s market is incredibly competitive in all areas, so you need to use every advantage you can in order to move your business forward. A Facebook page allows you to stand out through giving your business a ‘likeable personality’ that will attract customers.

#5 It offers an opportunity for fast promotion

News go viral on social media in a blink of an eye. Your post may not go viral like some news updates, but a high-quality update can spread locally quite fast. All that you need is for several local influencers to like and repost it. Note that every Facebook user has an average of 130 friends, and all of them will see your post and can spread it through the network. This type of promotion allows you to reach wider audiences attracting customers from all over and raising your business’ visibility extremely fast.

#6 It allows you to use Facebook Ads

Advertising campaigns offered by Facebook can be extremely effective. They are highly versatile, so every small business can work out a strategy that will meet their needs and budget. These ads will complement your overall social media marketing strategy and help you increase your customer base through Facebook.

#7 It saves you money

One of the greatest things about social media marketing is that it’s extremely cost-efficient. You create a Facebook page for free, and only your dedication and skill determines how much money and new loyal clients it will bring you. Of course, Facebook has some paid services, but there are many affordable options for small businesses and you can get more once your profits increase.

Bottom Line

There are over 350 million users on Facebook, with about 100 million of them from the US. Add the fact that an average user spends about 55 minutes a day using this social media network and you’ll see that it gives you a tremendous customer pool. Using it costs very little but the benefits it can bring are huge.