Personal Branding Albuquerque: Small Business Owner Branding Tips
July 7, 2020

Personal Branding of a Small Business Owner

Personal Branding of a Small Business Owner

In the previous blog post, we talked about the importance of branding your business and fighting the position in consumers’ minds and the way they perceive your brand among competitors’. But, as a small business owner you yourself your image is a big part of the picture, so you should consider your personal branding, as well as branding your business and that too will bring positive results, for sure.

You should do it simultaneously while operating your business and building its brand. If you do it right you’ll become someone people are familiar with, you’ll get a sense of credibility and prestige, people will trust and respect you. All this will have a positive effect on your business and increase its value, but even if your business fails for some crazy reason you will be able to start a new one more easily having your personal image built. In a word, your career is becoming a brand in long-term.

And what’s of the greatest importance when we talk about the personal branding of a small business owner? Number one is your expertise, of course, number two is planned, continuous, and quality online presence and the last but not the least important is the phrase – Be yourself because everybody else is taken!

#1 Expertise

You need to be an expert in something that relates to your company.You can develop your expertise over time and simultaneously with your business; it has to be something that makes you stand out and something that you are good at and passionate about. It doesn’t have to be just one field of expertise, two or three can do, but more than that would look unprofessional.

For example to illustrate a field of expertise, if you own a few McDonalds franchises, you can become a franchise expert. By this time you will attract media attention who are always interested in hearing stories from entrepreneurs who are in different stages of business development.

#2 Online presence

What do you get when you google your name? Make sure you are easy to find and make sure you are in control of Google. It implies creating your personal web-site and opening profiles on social networks. Try to be consistent through all medias and regularly present. Use the same profile picture, name, and short and catchy bio on all places. Post quality content, join discussion groups, forums, and reach others from yours and related fields of expertise.

#3 Be yourself

We all know Steve Jobs as an innovative mind with a very optimistic and persistent spirit. His personal brand is among the strongest in history, and of course, we can not all be him, but actually, every entrepreneur has some specific characteristics which he should emphasize as well as his expertise. And that can be almost anything – from generosity and willingness to help others to the good sense of humor and witty remarks, for example. It is important that the characteristics are really authentic and thru time they will help in leaving a strong personal stamp in everything you do. The last thing you want is to be labeled as Steve Jobs(or someone else) wanna be.