Video Marketing Albuquerque: Video Marketing Importance
July 7, 2020

Importance of Video Marketing for Small Local Businesses

Importance of Video Marketing for Small Local Businesses

The importance of video marketing for local businesses cannot be measured. Just think about it, today YouTube has become the second largest search engine, with only the unbeatable Google winning over it in the number of users. Utilizing the advertisement opportunities offered by this network alone will allow you to reach out to millions of people.

Don’t forget that all the most popular social media today also support videos, and their popularity is growing by the day. Every new survey of the internet users shows that people continuously increase the time they spend watching online videos, and they choose sources that offer them this opportunity.

There are many types of videos you can use for marketing your local business. For example, product presentations, ‘how-to’ tutorials, video blogs, social videos, and many others. The best thing is that you can use a single file to boost your marketing score on a variety of channels. With a good SEO strategy, you can ensure people will find links to your YouTube video through Google.

Next, you can optimize it for other platforms and spread it through your social media channels. Don’t forget to link back to the YouTube post, which can be longer and more informative. This will keep your audience interested and help with SEO.

3 Facts on the Importance of Video Marketing for Brands

Local businesses, in particular, shouldn’t overlook the benefits of this marketing tool. There are three main reasons why you need to start making videos for your company:

#1 They help establish an emotional connection with the audience.

Emotional connection means trust, which is essential for any business. To build a rewarding relationship with prospective customers, you need to design your message to evoke an emotional response. Remember to keep branding to a minimum to ensure people don’t consider your videos spam.

Create ‘powerful’ videos that people will want to share. A deeply personalized message makes the viewer feel connected to the brand, so you can be sure they will choose your company over the competitors.

One of the finest examples of using video marketing in this way is Dove’s ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’. Their message of appreciating the real beauty of women struck the hearts of thousands consumers, which resulted in a huge boost for the brand. The importance of video marketing played the main role in this case.

The video the company posted had such an impact on the audience, that it went viral almost immediately. It attracted over 15,000 followers to the Dove YouTube channel and more on other social media.

#2 They enhance brand loyalty.

This is a direct result of the emotional connection you establish through great videos. Research proves that feelingsaffect consumer choices a great deal. A study published in Psychology Today showed a 3-to-1 bias in buyers who chose a product based on the emotional response evoked by the advertisement.

Brand loyalty matters greatly for local businesses, and video marketing gives you a chance to appeal directly to your customers’ emotions. This is a sure way to motivate them to choose you over the competitors.

#3 They create a great basis for starting a conversation with the consumer.

One of the main reasons that explain the importance of video marketing is its ability to personalize your business. People exhibit more trust towards brands with a story and an ‘identity’ that appeals to them.

Videos offer you an easy way to show your company culture, ideas, and aspirations, thereby attracting likeminded people. Powerful short messages like this enable conversation not only between your brand and the consumer, but also between your subscribers. Discussions of the topics they care about deepen the emotional connection viewers have with your brand.

You should always keep track of all the comments to your videos published on every channel and respond to them where appropriate. This proves you care about the public and improves your brand’s reputation.

Use Facebook to Enhance Your Video Marketing Strategy

According to a study by Social Bakers, videos generate more organic reach than any other type of content published on Facebook. The average number of daily video views on this network has reached 8 billion, so not using this opportunity means you are missing out a great deal.

Note that to achieve the best results with this network in particular, you need to both post quality pre-made videos and go live. The latter method is gaining popularity fast and today people spend 3 times longer watching live streaming than pre-made videos. It’s so effective because it allows the viewers to engage in the performance by sending questions, comments, etc. In essence, this is another powerful tool for establishing the precious emotional connection with your audience.

Start Using Videos Today to Boost Your Marketing

The importance of video marketing for small and local businesses is so great, that you can’t afford to ignore this tool. It allows you to personalize your brand, which motivates consumers to identify with it, driving customer loyalty and increasing your sales.